The 20 Energetic Structures of a Human Being

In The ENERGY Training, I conceptualize a “human being” as a Being incarnated/embodied in a physical organism we generally call our Body.

A “Being” is made up non-physical “Energetic Patterns” (defined in the Energy Concepts section). Our “Being” is the source of our consciousness and our non-physical energy “life force.” A “Body” is made up of physical atoms, molecules, and cells.

We are born with the potentiality of functioning with our whole Being, which consists of 20 Energetic Structures. The most commonly referred to Energetic Structures are the chakras and the kundalini system.

Most humans, however, are functioning with only 8 of the 20 Energetic Structures. Traditional shamans who do healing, generally, have 12 of the Energetic Structures functioning. High creativity people and highly developed spiritual teachers, such as the Dalai Lama, are commonly functioning with all 20 Energetic Structures.

The 3 courses of The ENERGY Training support the “awakening” of and functioning with all 20 of the Energetic Structures.

This is the list of those 20 Energetic Structures, though it is just an overview list. To explain in any depth each of the Structures and their functioning would basically constitute a book.


Updated Nov. 8, 2023


• 1 Embodying Energetic Structure (former: “Physical Body Energetic Structure”)

• 2 Intensifying Energetic Structure (“Chi Body,” former: “Light Body”)

• 3 Focusing Energetic Structure (former: “Spirit Body”)

• 4 Resonating Energetic Structure (former: “Soul Body”)

• 5 Energetic Patterns Energetic Structure – contains combinations of Energetic Patterns

• 6 Emanations Processing Energetic Structure – transforms the Energetic Patterns of Physical Forms

• 7 Radiance Processing Energetic Structure (“Chakra System”) – transforms the Energetic Patterns of Beings

• 8 Distributing Energetic Structure (“Kundalini System”) – distributes Intensity throughout our Being’s 20 Energetic Structures

• 9 Wisdom Energetic Structure – combines Frequency Patterns

• 10 Energy Energetic Structure – differentiates Energetic Patterns into Frequency Patterns and Intensity Patterns


• 11 Intending Energetic Structure – manages our Intending

• 12 Intent Intensifier Energetic Structure – intensifies our Intending functioning and our Perceiving functioning 
– “SourcePoint” is the focusing area of this Energetic Structure

• 13 Prioritizer/Duplicator Energetic Structure —
a. organizes and prioritizes our Intentions, b. contains the duplication of other Form’s Energetic Patterns

•••  (NOTE:  I use the term “Shamanic Infrastructure” to refer primarily to the previous 3 Energetic Structures.)


• 14 Balancing Energetic Structure – balances the Energetic Patterns’ functioning with each other (“energetic homeostasis”) 

• 15 Skeletal Energetic Structure

• 16 Muscular Energetic  Structure

• 17 Nervous Energetic Structure

• 18 Biological Synthesis Energetic  Structure (“Organs and Glandular” Energetic  Structure) – synthesizes chemical compounds from nutrients

• 19 Cell Nuclei System Energetic Structure

• 20 The Self –  directs and coordinates the functioning of our Being’s Energetic Patterns, Energetic Structures, and Energetic Abilities