Creativity Energy Coaching

••• Individual Sessions •••

Creativity: the “aha!” moment, insight, intuition, finding solutions, problem-solving, realizing.

Basically, creativity is the process of bringing together what has NOT been brought together before. From an intrinsic energy concept, creativity is a NEW combining of inner Energetic Patterns, all unfolding as conscious expression or understanding.

In a Creativity Energy session, you focus your awareness on a goal and the inner vibrational patterns that might be challenging your creativity — challenging to starting or completing an artistic project (a book?), to dealing with emotions in a personal or business relationship, or to living sanely in an insane world! Our objective: clearing, balancing, developing, and nurturing your creativity.

This is what we do:
Without analyzing the situation, without asking the who-what-when-where-why question, you silently focus your inner awareness on underlying, intrinsic energy vibrations. My role is to verbally guide and energetically support that inner process with my energetic “tools,” energetic knowledge, and intensified Energy. This is an intentional method of literally clearing and opening your blocked energy flows, thus allowing the creativity to “bubble up” to the conscious surface — where you become the catalyst.
• In preparation for our Creativity Energy session: have in mind a goal, objective, or project you are having challenges to start or complete.

My methodology in a Creativity Energy session is neither verbal, psychotherapy analysis, nor motivational “cheerleading,” nor hypnosis, nor guided visualization. The Creativity process we use is from my energetic evolution of studying with, meditating with, and being in ceremony with traditional shamans and Tibetan Buddhist lamas for over 40 years.

We could have a single session or a suggested series of four sessions (twice a week for two weeks).

A session is for an individual usually via Zoom, Skype, or the phone for approximately 45-60 minutes.

With KENNETH RAY STUBBS, PH.D.  (see About Me)

•  The approximately 45-60-minute session fee is $180 US. A set of four sessions is $120 US each.
   •  Group sessions are also available. To arrange: Email Kenneth Ray Stubbs 
•  Fee payment can be via Venmo,, PayPal, credit card, or check.

• To arrange: Email Kenneth Ray Stubbs
or phone 520-743-8100 x1 in Tucson, Arizona, USA (Mountain Standard Time).