The Rainbow Body, Sexual Shaman

Path of the Sexual Shaman:  documentary

The Sacred Prostitute / Magdalene Unveiled:  2-DVD documentary set

Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute book

In 1995 I envisioned, edited, and published WOMEN OF THE LIGHT: THE NEW SACRED PROSTITUTE, a book in which nine women in various contemporary sacred-sexuality roles share their life and work.

Response to that book brought me in contact with many more people in similar roles. After two years of filming and editing, the filmmaker Sarah Sher and I completed THE SACRED PROSTITUTE, a 90-minute, in-depth documentary on women and men who have stepped outside of oppressive religious dogmas and are teaching others a new/ancient paradigm of sex and spirit. Mary Magdalene has become the “patron saint” of some of these visionaries. Now the documentary, a special section on Mary Magdalene, and inspiring outtakes are available in a special 2-DVD set entitled THE SACRED PROSTITUTE / MAGDALENE UNVEILED.

My most recent documentary, PATH OF THE SEXUAL SHAMAN: TEACHINGS ON ENERGY, ORGASM, AND WISDOM, takes us deeper into our sexual nature and how it can be an integral part of stepping onto a shamanic path of transformation. Energetically dancing with earth-wind-water-fire, with plants-animals-crystals, and with the “sacred ones,” we can develop our abilities to merge into oneness with another.

These documentaries and book are a view of a transformative paradigm shift on the nature of existence. I encourage you to explore them.


Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
Producer, editor, writer
Secret Garden Publishing

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Teachings on Energy, Orgasm, and Wisdom

What is shamanism?
What is a sexual shaman?

To transform an energy pattern, a shaman must first literally
merge with it. Likewise, at the moment of orgasm when we are
making love with another, we merge energetically with our partner.

To develop shamanic abilities, we need energy — lots
of energy. But it is not the type of energy we receive from
food. We need a more primordial form of earth-wind-water-fire
energy. Sexual orgasm is one of the primary ways to generate
such an energy.

Expanding our understanding of shamanism and our sexual nature,
we come to see that conscious sexuality, far from being an
obstacle, can be a powerful part of stepping onto a transformative path

Video contains nudity. No explicit sex.

Path of the Sexual Shaman
documentary clip 1

This is raw footage from an interview of two practitioners who were involved in a video and book production on energetic, erotic massage. In preparation for the shoot, they had been doing shamanic ceremonies to build and intensify their energies so the viewer would be energetically engaged in addition to learning the massage strokes.


Path of the Sexual Shaman
 documentary clip 2

Raw footage about crystals, dolphins, energy, orgasm, and shamanism.


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Sacred Prostitute DVD

Sacred Prostitute DVDMagdelene unveiled

THE SACRED PROSTITUTE / MAGDALENE UNVEILEDa 2-DVD set featuring the 90-minute documentary THE SACRED PROSTITUTE, takes us into the world of the ancient and modern sacred sexuality teacher/healer/ceremonialist, a world where sexual energy is a catalyst in the spiritual quest — a world where “sexual” and “spiritual” are intrinsically the same.

From shamanictransformation on Vimeo

A clip from the documentary

Leonora B. Faro
Sensuality Trainer

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Presenters include

  • followers of Mary Magdalene
  • a Tibetan Buddhist lama
  • a rabbi
  • several Western Tantra and other sacred-sexuality teachers/practitioners
  • a Native American shaman
  • an African Nubian-Khamite priestess
  • a porn star
  • a sexworker rights activist
  • an Episcopal priest

Known today sometimes by such names as “sacred intimate,” “tantrika,” “daka/dakini,” “sexual healer,” “sacred whore,” “tantra teacher,” or “sexual shaman,” women and men in contemporary versions of the sacred prostitute present their lives and their evolution into a role that would have been revered in many ancient and not-so-ancient cultures.

Topics include

  • Mary Magdalene and Jesus
  • Tantra and other expressions of sacred sexuality
  • Christianity and sexual oppression
  • Plato vs. Jesus
  • prostitution vs. sacred prostitution
  • the legality of sacred sexwork
  • heterosexual and homosexual sexuality
  • celibacy
  • orgasmic energy

The contemporary sacred prostitute no longer has a public temple where she or he can share the ceremonies openly. There is little or no lineage down through which the sacred mysteries can be revealed from high priest/ess to initiate. Legally, socially, religiously, the sacred prostitute has been out in the cold — until now!

DVD Contains nudity. No explicit sex.


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Women of the Light


Women of the night—women of the light:
the sacred prostitute,
the temple priestess,
the sexual healer,
the embodiment of the archetypal Goddess.

Who is she today?

Without a continuing lineage, without a temple, the contemporary sexual initiator/healer/teacher has many faces. Today she is

The Sex Surrogate
The Porn Star
The Tantra Meditation Teacher
The Visionary Artist
The Masseuse
The Group-Sex Hostess
The Call Girl
The Shaman
The Nurse

Nine women share their work, their lives, and their insights. Their personally written stories in this book bring us to a deeper understanding of our sexuality and our humanity.


The Shaman Cards
Ceremonies for Energy and Wisdom

A shaman is a person who has the ability
to function through other dimensions of existence
intrinsic to our physical, incarnated dimension.

If we want to function through these dimensions,
we must first access them and the wisdom of their nature.

Focusing our intent in the Energy-Wisdom Ceremony with these cards
enables us to do this, thus increasing our abilities to transform and heal.

• 20 full-color 8.5 x 11″ Cards •

Each of the 20 cards consists of an exterior circle with a representation of each of the 4 “worlds”: a plant, an animal, a crystal, and a human. The humans depicted vary by age, gender, genetic pool, and condition. In the center of each card is an abstract concept, which also serves as the name of the card. The background painting is there for natural beauty.

The Cards
1. Clarity   2. Ceremony   3. Life   4. Spiritual Growth
5. Wisdom   6. Light   7. Mastery   8. Connection
9. Tradition   10. Strength   11. Perseverance   12. Enlightenment
13. Transformation   14. Abundance   15. Beauty   16. Ancient
17. Sustenance   18. Passion   19. Completion   20. Dream

CLICK to see instructional video clips
and more information on The Shaman Cards


Sexual Positions Cards


(50 instructional, all-color cards based on ancient Chinese medical texts)

5 in x 7 in    (13 cm x 18 cm)

Art by Richard Stodart • Edited by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

Click Here to view Descriptions

From Chinese antiquity comes the mythical Yellow Emperor. In exquisite detail and without any shame, the three “Women of Sexual Knowledge” enlightened the Emperor in Taoist sexual secrets and the arts of love- making. Based on the 1,000-year-old Japanese Ishimpo text, the 50 cards here present the sexual positions they taught the Yellow Emperor.

A 30-volume treatise on ancient Chinese medical practices, the Ishimpo included an extensive section on sexuality and uniting the man’s “jade peak” with the woman’s “jade gate.” The text was completed in 984 by Tamba Yasuyori, a Chinese physician living in Japan. Popular for many centuries in Japan, the text eventually lost favor, and even the section on sexual practices was censored during some periods.

The Ishimpo presented the sexual practices as essential ways to heal the human body and to increase one’s vitality. In these cards, the artist and I have adapted the art and text for contemporary lovers.

Exquisitely illustrated. Makes an exceptionally beautiful gift!

Sexual Positions Card Deck


available at a major discount when purchased as a set
The perspectives in the Path of the Sexual Shaman are an evolution of what I wrote and taught over three decades. Representing that evolution, these sets of my earlier creations are practical techniques with a tantric undertone for lovers to enhance their sensual, sexual, and intimate connection. – KRS

• Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions book • 
Over 100 all-color images of lovers in sexual embrace — the best from the • Kama Sutra • Ananga-Ranga • The Perfumed Garden • Ishimpo • Song of Songs • and other traditions and other times

• Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions DVD •
Instructional, sensual, artistic, and exotic. Inspired by ancient texts. Not one-dimensional porn. Not boring sex education. This DVD is very different.

• The Fine Art of Sexual Positions DVD •
60 minutes of photography, video, illustrations, and paintings with sensual music demonstrating the art of making love in more ways than you can imagine.
SECTIONS • Intimacy • Erotic Massage Positions • Oral Positions • Male on Top • Rear Entry • Aqua Erotica Positions • Female on Top • Standing • Fantasy and Mythology • Sitting and Kneeling • In the Mood

• Ancient Chinese Sexual Positions – Fine Art Cards •
In Chinese antiquity with exquisite detail and without any shame, the three “Women of Sexual Knowledge” enlightened the mythical Yellow Emperor in Taoist sexual secrets and the arts of lovemaking. The 50 cards here present the sexual positions they taught the Yellow Emperor. Exquisitely illustrated fine art. Makes an exceptionally beautiful, tasteful gift!


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• Kama Sutra of Erotic Massage book •
All-color book that brings the sensual Kama Sutra mystique to an instructional manual for modern lovers. This guide presents step-by-step, illustrated massage strokes for both women and men, including the genitals. Shows passionate ways to give the Tantric art of touch.

• Erotic Massage DVD •
60-minute instructional DVD on erotic massage for women and men, demonstrating the techniques in the Kama Sutra of Erotic Massage book

• Erotic Passions book •
All-color guide for women and men to orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral lovemaking, and ancient sexual positions. Very beautifully illustrated.

• Secret Sexual Positions book •
“This celebratory-and very explicit-treasury of 100 positions you absolutely, positively have not experienced (and if you have, you are getting out more than we are!).” Quality Paperback Book Club
“Even if you think you have done it everyway possible, I bet you will find some new ways to bend in here.” – Libido: The Journal of Sex and Sensibility


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• Erotic Massage — The Touch of Love book •
This was the first instructional massage book to illustrate genital massage for men and women! With over 100 line drawings with directional arrows, this book presents detailed, long, flowing strokes for lovers. It appears in many languages and many countries around the world with over a million copies sold.

• Tantric Massage DVD •
Visually demonstrates the male-female massage techniques for the whole body including the genitals. (Very similar to the Erotic Massage DVD.) 60 minutes with voice-over instructions plus an audio commentary track by the author of the erotic massage books.
“They play these bodies as a concert pianist caresses his grand piano. Real people, not actors.” – Libido, The Journal of Sex and Sensibility
“These DVDs model mature pleasuring in a relaxed, calm, non-pressurized manner. Excellent examples for healthy sexual functioning.” – University of Minnesota Medical School

• Male Erotic Massage book •
Including the sexual and the spiritual, this male-to-male erotic massage book teaches about touching men with awareness. Over 200 black-and-white photographs reveal both the how-to and the beauty of the male body embracing the male body. The strength, the joy, the gentleness, the ardency, the tenderness, the equanimity, the pleasure—these are all a part.

• femme-à-femme Erotic Massage book and DVD •
Enter the sensual world of erotic massage for the female body — given by three female professional massage practitioners with step-by-step instructions. The book has all-color photography, and the DVD is 60 minutes.
This is the third and final in the series of erotic massage for female-male, male-male, and now female-female.


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