The Earth Energy Project

Earth is the name I give to the conscious, intentional Earth Being and the physical, atom-molecule planet functioning as One.

Ley lines are a network of energy currents across the entire land area of the planet. These energy currents are a part of the Earth Being’s energetic structure and its main way of balancing the flows of energies throughout the physical planet, thus supporting the energetic functioning of the life forms in and on this planet.

The purpose of the Earth Energy Project is to support the Earth Being by intensifying and balancing the energy flow in the ley line currents. We do this in our Earth Oneness Ceremonies by generating a whirling vortex energetic pattern at a specific land area. Poetically, I refer to this ceremony as a Whispering.

The originators of the Project are Marc Peridis and myself, Kenneth Ray Stubbs. Marc, based in a coastal town outside of Barcelona, is a somatic / shamanic facilitator working mainly with sacred sexuality. I live in the Sonoran Desert in the US and teach courses on energy and transformation via the Internet.

Whispered Earth areas
Whispered Earth: Monte Albán, ancient sacred site near Oaxaca, in southern Mexico

Whispered Earth: Gavdos and eastern Crete islands in the Mediterranean
(view from Gavdos)

Whispered Earth: Pyrenees, NE Spain and SE France
(land Whispered near this 11th century hermitage)

After a number of years of doing ceremonies focused on the Earth at various “power spots” as well as during solstice and equinox times, my perceptions led me to an understanding that the energy flows in the ley lines are in some places under-intense, in some places over-intense, and in some places the flow is variable.

The Earth Oneness Ceremonies are energetic ceremonies to support the Earth Being in balancing its ley-line energy flows across the entire planet: all energy flowing constantly at the same intensity. With more energetic balance, the Earth Being can increase its energetic intensity through its ley lines.

In general, the more balanced and the greater the energetic intensity of the energy flows in the Earth Being’s ley lines, the more livable are the conditions for plants, fungi, animals, and humans on the Earth. By supporting the Earth, we support ourselves.

Whispered Earth: North Sea area (land and sea)
(Whispered here near Copenhagen)


The Earth Oneness Ceremony

Symbolically, the Earth Oneness Ceremony is a way for us to give thanks to Earth. At its core, however, this ceremony is a transformation ceremony primarily for us, the ceremony participants.

When we go into the energetic space of Oneness with the Earth Being, 1. our Energetic Abilities (“Energetic Tools”). 2. our Vibratory Knowledge (“Energetic Know-How”) of how and when to apply those Energetic Abilities. and 3. our Energetic Intensity (“Energy”) become available for the Earth Being to intensify and balance the energy in the ley lines.
•  The main benefit from this is the ground composition becoming more suitable for the well-being of plants and thus the food chain up to animals and humans.

1. Each of us receives an extensive increase in our energetic intensification (that is, a lot of energy)
2. Each of us begins a 2-3-day transformational (healing) process for whatever is up next for each of us in our physical-emotional-mental-spiritual development and growth!

•  •  •  •

The Earth Oneness Ceremonies are often held at power spots, ancient sacred sites, and beautiful places in nature.

Anyone is welcome to host such a ceremony at a place of your choosing.
You will need to
1. go there physically and
2. have a device that enables Internet video and audio connection to that area.
Please contact me if you are interested.

We invite everyone to join us via the Internet for the next Earth Oneness Ceremony. They are free and open to anyone.

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