The Rainbow Body, Sexual Shaman

The ENERGY Training

The Rainbow Body Empowerment

The PURPOSE of The ENERGY Training
is to develop our Energetic Structures
and to generate Energy and Consciousness
from within us:

Physical — more Aliveness
Emotional — more Equanimity
Mental — more Presence
Spiritual — more Compassion

20 sequential courses • 5-10 sessions each
1-to-1 Trainings for an Individual or Couple
via Zoom, Skype, or Phone

Shamanic Transformation
I. Energy – Path of the Sexual Shaman
II. Knowing
III. Intentionality
IV. Biological Organism
V. Generating Energy
The Enlightenment Path
VI. The 5 Planes
VII. The 3rd Plane
VIII. The 4th Plane
IX. The 5th Plane
X. The Coordinator
Generating Pure Energy
XI. Transformation Centers 1-5
XII. Transformation Centers 6-10
XIII. Transformation Centers 11-15
XIV. Transformation Centers 16-20
XV. The Transformation System
The Rainbow Body
XVI. The Rainbow Body’s Physical Functions
XVII. The Rainbow Body’s Emotional Functions
XVIII. The Rainbow Body’s Mental Functions
XIX. The Rainbow Body’s Spiritual Functions
XX. The Rainbow Body

FREE CONSULTATIONS available to discuss the content and benefits of these courses. Contact me.

The first-level course, “Energy — Path of the Sexual Shaman,” focuses on developing our abilities to function interdimensionally. Here we view the energetic nature of sexuality and orgasm as a primordial source of Energy that enables us to grow both spiritually and shamanically.

Overall, the first five course levels, Shamanic Transformation, are a training to develop the energetic structures and energetic abilities that many traditional shamans have enabling them to function interdimensionally and at higher levels of energy.

Levels 6-20 focus on functioning at even higher frequency dimensions and with greater energetic intensity, all leading to developing what has been called a Rainbow Body. This energetic structure enables us to generate unlimited Energy for greater transformation and creativity, for both ourselves and others.

The Rainbow Body Buddha


The courses are always live (no written materials) and are 1-to-1 or for a couple via Zoom or the phone from anywhere in the world. Each course is 5-10 sessions for 60-90 minutes. None of the ceremonies in these courses are from traditional cultures or involve sexual activity.

You may take one course only or more if you choose. The courses are available sequentially at your own pace.

The total program of 20 courses is for individuals who wish to go very, very deeply into transformation and creativity.

Level I Training


Path of the Sexual Shaman

with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD

A 1-to-1 Training (or for some couples)
5 sessions of 1-1.5 hours

Level I of The ENERGY Training: “Energy — Path of the Sexual Shaman” transforms and enables our “subtle energy” bodies to merge with another’s luminosity, an approach we can use in conjunction with our meditational/ceremonial practice and the transformational/healing methods we are already employing. Moreover, these energetic abilities are similar to what most traditional shamans use in order to enable transformation.

While embracing our sexual nature, we focus on developing these energetic merging abilities in a nonsexual, non-erotic context. In the training, we learn to do energetically with our intent what already happens in sexuality and orgasm. Now we use our inner knowingness to extensively expand our abilities to transform ourselves and support others’ transformation. NOTE: There is no explicit, physical sex in this training.


After the training is a follow-up session about 2-3 weeks later with a before-after “energy profile” reading. Additionally after the training, I do an energetic ceremony (“Whispering Ceremony”) with 1-3 of your crystals and your home (an energetic “Meditation Dome for Your Home”) to generate an energetic pattern that enhances the energetic intensity for your meditations. 

You are welcome and encouraged to attend free “Energy Circles” every week where we continue in energetic meditation. These are via Zoom and are in 2 different time areas so most around the world can participate.

• Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.  (see About Me)

LOCATION and DATES of training:
• Via Zoom on the Internet or via phone
• Dates to be arranged – 5 days in a row or up to 3 days off between any 2 sessions – all for 1-1.5 hours

• $600 for  A. the 5-session training,  B. a follow-up session,  C. a specific “Whispering Ceremony” for 1-3 of your crystals plus for your home (an energetic “Meditation Dome for Your Home”),  D. and ongoing “Energy” meditation circles via Zoom.
• Additional $300 if ongoing intimate/sexual partner attends the same training
• Payment via Venmo,, credit card, PayPal, or check

• Phone 520-743-8100 x1 in Tucson, AZ, USA (Mountain Standard Time)