The Rainbow Body, Sexual Shaman

The ENERGY Training

Kenneth Ray Stubbs

The Rainbow Body Empowerment

(An illustration of the actual structure of the energetic structure of a fully developed Rainbow Body.)

(An illustration of the energetic structure of a fully developed Rainbow Body.)

The PURPOSE of The ENERGY Training
is to develop our Energetic Structures
and to generate Energy-Consciousness
from within us.

To Be:
Physical — more Aliveness
Emotional — more Equanimity
Mental — more Presence
Spiritual — more Compassion

The Training involves
energetic transmission through intentional meditation practices.
This how we develop the Rainbow Body energetic structure,
thus enabling us to access the
primordial, undifferentiated essence of existence.

1-to-1 Trainings for an Individual or Couple
via Zoom or Phone
3 sequential courses • 7-11 sessions each

FREE CONSULTATIONS available to discuss the content and benefits of these courses. Contact me.

Level 1: Energy, Sexuality, Shamanism, and Meditation        

This first course (7 sessions) focuses on developing our abilities to function interdimensionally. Inspired by teachings from shamanism, western tantra, and Tibetan Buddhism, we learn how to enable our “subtle energy” bodies to merge with another’s luminosity, an approach we can use in our meditation practice and the transformation/healing methods we may already be using. (Logistics information below.)

Level 2:  The Self: Realization of Our Whole Being

Oneness, a central theme in spiritual growth, is the focus in this 10-session course. Here we develop all of our energetic structures (our whole Being), which enables us to function at much, much greater levels of energetic intensity and thus literally to vibrate as if we were the same as everything else in existence — to be in Oneness.

Level 3: The Rainbow Body: Generating Energy-Consciousness

In this 11-session course we develop the Rainbow Body energetic structure that enables us to access the primordial, undifferentiated essence of existence and to generate even greater levels of Energy and Consciousness, making us capable of greater transformation and creativity for both ourselves and others. (Free “Rainbow Circles” continue the energetic development after the course.)

The Rainbow Body Buddha


The courses are always live and are 1-to-1 or for a couple via Zoom or the phone from anywhere in the world. Each course session is for 50-90 minutes. None of the ceremonies in these courses are from traditional cultures or involve sexual activity.

You may take one course only or more if you choose. The courses are available sequentially at your own pace.

The total ENERGY Training program is for individuals who wish to go very, very deeply into greater transformation and creativity.


For those already familiar with The ENERGY Training, the original 20 ENERGY Training courses have evolved into 3 courses: the equivalent of the former Levels 1, 10, and 20. I was not at all anticipating this, but the recent extensive development with my Rainbow Body energetic structure has greatly increased my energetic capabilities. Much more energetic transmission is happening in each course now.

If you have already taken the original first courses, the next course for you would be what I have been calling Level 10: “The Self.” Taking this course would in effect cover the energetic developments that come with the courses Levels 2-10. This would include
– developing the remainder of the 20 Energetic Structures (most people have developed only 8),
– developing the remainder of the Energetic Abilities,
– functioning also from the 2nd-5th Planes with their related Energetic Intensity levels. (Most people are functioning only from the 1st Plane).

The final course, “The Rainbow Body: Generating Energy-Consciousness,” covers the former Levels 11-20.

The new, whole ENERGY Training could now be completed within two months.

Level I — Logistics information


Formerly entitled: Path of the Sexual Shaman

A 1-to-1 training (or for some couples), 7 sessions, 50-90 minutes each
• To generate energetic patterns that enhance the energetic intensity for your meditations, after the initial 5 training sessions I do an energetic “Whispering” ceremony with 1-3 of your crystals. Additionally, I do an energetic ceremony with your home to generate an “Meditation Dome for Your Home”. 
• After the training is a follow-up session about 2-3 weeks later with a before-after “energy profile” reading. 

• Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.  (see About Me)

LOCATION and DATES of training:
• Via Zoom on the Internet or via phone
• Dates to be arranged – 6 days in a row or up to 3 days off between any 2 sessions. Followed by an “energy profile” reading a few weeks later.

• $600
• Additional $300 if ongoing intimate/sexual partner attends the same training
• Payment via Venmo,, credit card, PayPal, or check

• Phone 520-743-8100 x1 in Tucson, AZ, USA (Mountain Standard Time)
****  Info for 2nd and 3rd courses: contact me.