Guided Mantra

A Guided Mantra

The syllables: Om Ah Ra Pa Tsa Na Dhi  — A mantra to activate suppressed energetic functioning.

The recording is just mantra, chanted by me, Kenneth Ray Stubbs. The only instructions are written here:
Chanting it along with me will probably result in more energetic benefit, but feel free to chant it on your own out loud or silently. Maybe for about 8 minutes. Repeat as often as you wish.
This is sometimes known of the mantra of Manjushri, who in Buddhism is a deified symbol representing wisdom, holding a fiery sword in his right hand — enabling us to cut through delusion, that is, to cut through the bullshit! I learned this mantra from a Nyingma linage Tibetan Buddhist lama in Berkeley, California: Tarthang Tulku Rinpoche.

– The accompanying image of a bronze statuette I call the “Rainbow Buddha,” which to me symbolizes what we can be when we cut through the delusion. 

Note: Both the statuette and the mantra are a 10 on my 1-10 Resonance scale.
– Kenneth Ray Stubbs: bio 
– Photography: Jennifer Fisher

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