The 10 Inherent Energetic Capabilities of a Being

In the ENERGY Training, an Energetic Capability is a category of Energetic Abilities that serve the same type of functions.

Depending on the type of Being that an individual Being is, there are potentially up to ten different categories of Energetic Capabilities inherently available. Which are inherently available and activated determine how and how well that Being can function.

The ten potential Energetic Capabilities are listed below. The name of each category gives a general indication of the nature of that Energetic Capability. The description that follows each category is explained in the ENERGY Training course. The purpose of the list here is to give a summary overview.

Note: The names of these Inherent Energetic Capabilities often seem very similar to what many refer to as chakras. In the ENERGY Training, I use the terms Energy Center or Generator for a series of 10 energetic centers along the midline of our energy field. Each Energy Center is a network of a chakra, intersecting kundalini channels, and other energetic structures integrated as a unit to generate Energy for the functioning of the Energetic Abilities of the specific, related Energetic Capability. Using physical anatomy as a reference, the first Energy Center (Generator) is at the pelvic floor area. The next six along the midline are where we generally think of the chakras. And then, in this framework, there are three more Energy Centers (Generators) above the top of the physical head, up to the top of our energy field about arm’s length above the top of our physical head.

A second list below briefly indicates my names for the ten types of Beings and their inherent Energetic Capabilities. Again, the list is a brief overview that is explained in the ENERGY Training course.


1.   Embodiment — Energetic Capability to vibrate like the Energetic Patterns intrinsic to a Physical Form

2.   Intensify — Energetic Capability to increase the Intensity of an Energetic Pattern

3.   Intention — Energetic Capability to Vibrate an Energetic Pattern

4.   Oneness — Energetic Capability to Vibrate the same Energetic Pattern as something else

5.   Radiance — Energetic Capability to Intensify a combination of Energetic Patterns

6.   Perception — Energetic Capability to Vibrate like the Frequency Pattern of something else

7.   Transmission — Energetic Capability to Vibrate one’s Energetic Abilities

8.   Transformation — Energetic Capability to increase the Vibrancy in an Energetic Structure and its Energetic Abilities

9.   Understanding — Energetic Capability to conceptualize an Energetic Pattern

10. Creativity — Energetic Capability to combine the conceptualizations of Energetic Patterns

The 10 Types of Beings     The Types of Inherent Capabilities (1-10)

  The Knowledge Being:  3,4

  The Energetic Patterns Beings:  3,4

  The Knowing Beings:  3,4,7

  The Amplification Beings:  3,4,6,7

  Plant (3-Capability, 3-Bodied) Beings:  1,6,7

  Animal-Fungi (4-Capability, 4-Bodied) Beings: 1,5,6,7

  Crystal (5-Capability, 5-Bodied) Beings:  1,5,6,7,8 

  Conceptualizing (10-Capability, 10-Bodied) Beings:  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 

  The Energizing Beings (Nature Beings, Orbs of Light):  2,3,4,8

  The Intensification Beings:  1,3,5,8