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(Whispered Egg)

A Crystal Whisperer® Crystal
Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD

Whispered™ Yoni Meditation Egg

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Mary Magdalene
by Richard Stodart


Crystal Whisperer® Crystals are available primarily as crystal pyramids, spheres, points, eggs, and mala prayer beads. All these Whispered crystals are vibrating at higher levels of frequency and energetic intensity than most other crystals. This makes the Whispered  crystals especially effective for meditation, ceremony, and healing/transformation.

The Whispered Yoni Meditation Eggs (Whispered Eggs) have by far received the most response. (While more women than men have been drawn to the Whispered Eggs, they are as energetically effective for men using them externally.) This “popularity” is happening within the context of the Western tantric-taoist sexuality and sacred sexuality cultures where egg-shaped objects, often referred to as “yoni eggs,” have been used for vaginal exercise and sexual play for the last 20-30 years. Now adding the higher levels of frequency and energetic intensity of the Whispered Yoni Meditation Egg brings deeper transformative possibilities to however a person chooses to use the crystal. I strongly suggest a meditative / ceremonial emphasis.


•    Approach your rose quartz Whispered Yoni Meditation Egg as a ceremonial crystal. Something you might want to place on your altar.

•    In the shamanic Whispering Ceremony I do with each crystal, the Being embodied with the physical crystalline structure goes into an expanding transformational process. This Crystal Being literally becomes more what is intrinsic in its energetically nature.

•   After this shamanic ceremony, the Crystal Being is functioning at a much higher level of energetic frequency and intensity. It can intentionally go into a Oneness space with you to a depth it could not before. What this means is that you have a very powerful ally with you in your meditations, ceremonies, and healings. In a sense, you have a “shaman in a crystal.”

•    NOTE: This is NOT a “programmed crystal.” I give no instructions to the Crystal Being. Rather, in the Whispering Ceremony the Crystal Being transforms and develops itself energetically. I just provide additional “energetic tools” for the Crystal Being.

•    For many years people have used “yoni eggs” for vaginal exercise and sexual play. If you wish, you can use this crystal egg in these ways also. Increasing health as well as having fun and pleasure can also be integral parts of our spiritual growth.


•     All Crystal Whisperer crystals are primarily for meditation and ceremony. You do NOT have to insert a Whispered Egg intravaginally to have energetic benefits. Just have the Whispered Egg within 3 feet / 1 meter of you when you go into meditation, ceremony, or a healing process with it.

•    Some women say they keep their Whispered Egg on their altar, some hold the crystal in their hands, some place it between their labia, and some insert intravaginally.

•    Highly recommended: Follow the suggested Oneness Ceremony (below) with your Whispered Egg for one or more times to get a sense of what usage feels best for you. Make conscious choices for yourself. And your choices may evolve over time.

•    To increase the transformative effects for you, we can do an individual Whispered Crystal Attunement over Skype or the phone.  Contact  me.

•    For various techniques to use intravaginally or sexually, contact an experienced “yoni egg” teacher, though some may not emphasize a meditative or ceremonial approach.

Yoni Egg Crystal


•    If you choose to insert your Whispered Egg intravaginally, you may already have a cleaning preference for your crystal. Please follow what you feel is best for you.

 Here are 2 methods suggested by various women.
•    A. Wash your Whispered Egg thoroughly with soap and water.
•    B. Place the crystal in COLD water before you bring the water to a boil and boil for 10 minutes. Also, let the crystal cool down SLOWLY.
•    The boiling process in no way limits the functioning of the embodied Crystal Being with your Whispered Egg.


•    Many people report an increased energized feeling when they are in physical proximity to a Whispered Egg or meditating with it. While many can have the egg nearby within 3 feet / 1 meter or inserted for long periods of time, some begin to feel over-intensified. If that occurs, decrease your meditation time with your Whispered Egg and/or place the crystal 10 feet / 3 meters or more away from you. Perhaps place it in a separate room.

•    If you keep your Whispered Egg with you during your deep-sleep time and have difficulty sleeping, you might keep the Whispered Egg at least 10 feet / 3 meters or more away from you during sleep time.


•    Meditating and doing ceremony with any of the Crystal Whisperer™ Whispered Crystals can be a profound way to develop ourselves energetically and spiritually. People have also reported physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

Just having the Whispered Crystal on our altar or just carrying the crystal throughout the day will likely have benefits for us. However,  not until we intentionally engage the Whispered Crystal Being as in meditation or ceremony will the more profound effects likely occur. I strongly encourage you to explore the Oneness Meditation below or your own variation of it.

Whispered™ Yoni Meditation Kit



Now the Whispered Yoni Meditation Eggs are available in beautiful Whispered Goddess Wands. Actually, “scepter” is the more accurate term. These balanced “masculine-feminine”/energy-consciousness/Shakti-Shiva wands are incredibly powerful for meditation and ceremony. Available here.

Wand 5
Whispered Goddess Wands

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for your Whispered Yoni Meditation Egg

Energetic benefits result from just having your Whispered Egg internally or nearby externally while doing daily activities or during lovemaking. A concentrated meditative focus, however, results in even more benefits.

Focus your awareness on being energetically One with (merge with) your Crystal Whisperer Crystal
–     with your crystal in your yoni or within 3 feet (1m) of your body, perhaps in your palm, lap, or on a surface nearby
–    preferably once a day
–     at least 3-10 mins. or longer
–     at least 3 days a week, 7 days are much better

–     If you are doing this with another person, focus on being One with your partner and One with your crystal.

–     Eyes open or closed.
–     Sit or lie however you wish.

If you start to feel too much intensity, discontinue doing this meditation perhaps for a few days. Maybe limit the duration to 10 minutes.
However, you may have your Whispered Crystal with you during your awake time for as long as you feel comfortable with the energy. (Some people are fine with Whispered Crystals during sleep time also. If you have difficulty, place the crystal at least 6-10 feet [2-3m] away.)

You may have your Whispered Egg with you during your awake time for as long as you feel comfortable with the energy. If you do not sleep well with it nearby, move it to about 10 feet / 3m away.


One of the main benefits of meditating and doing ceremony with a Whispered Yoni Meditation Egg or any of the other Crystal Whisperer Crystals is the increased energetic intensity (“life force,” “chi”) that accumulates within us. This increase is beneficial for our everyday functioning. The increased energetic intensity, however, is absolutely essential for developing the energetic / spiritual / shamanic abilities of functioning at higher vibrational levels.

If you wish to go deeper into yourself — to be more of what is intrinsically within your higher self, I encourage you to consider the Path of the Sexual Shaman, a five-level program in shamanic transformation. I give this training over Skype or the phone 1-to-1 to an individual or in some cases to a couple. For more information.