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Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

This is my story of coming from a semi-rural area of the American south just after WWII, to teaching erotic massage in San Francisco after the hippie days, to producing the documentary The Sacred Prostitute, to teaching an Energy training embracing sexuality and shamanism and leading to the development of the Rainbow Body.

Studious Cowboy Ray, about age 6, circa 1950, on the way to school. House in background was built by my grandfather by hand during the Great Depression. This semi-rural area of North Carolina has lots of pine trees, sand, sand spurs, and little critters called chiggers (they are not nice pets). Behind the house was a barn, a mule, a cow, some chickens, and the outhouse. Yep, in the winter I had cold buns back then. CLICK HERE for a full Brief Photo Bio - then click on photos for descriptions

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My path to understanding the ancient and contemporary sacred prostitute, which I now call the “path of the sexual shaman” began in 1968 while working for Planned Parenthood in Chicago as a summer intern. In my spare time there I read and watched all the pamphlets and films on sexuality.  The times they were a-changin’, and a few months later I left grad school in sociology to begin my hippie trip across the US, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands.

After several years of being on the road, I ended up in San Francisco studying massage. I found I was a natural at this and passed all my certification tests the last day of school. Soon giving and teaching massage, I came to realize that the massage profession was deeply ignorant of how to relate consciously to sexual energy.

This led me to teaching what I called erotic massage to people of all sexual orientations throughout North America and Europe. I also began giving individuals a 5-7-hour nurturing ceremony of guided meditation, bathing, feeding, and massage.

In these classes and ceremonies is where I really began to learn about energy. Not just sexual, orgasmic energy, but the primordial energy that is the essence of our being. At the same time I was seeking wisdom from metaphysical teachers, a Tibetan Buddhist lama, and a Chinese Taoist scholar. I knew the energy intensity I was experiencing in my erotic massage classes and my nurturing ceremonies were integrally related to my spiritual path.

But I had grown up in Southern Baptist fundamentalism where the spirit was good and the flesh was evil. That was a paradigm that did not speak to my inner knowing. Something was way off.

The emerging Western sexual Tantra was answering some of my questions, but it was not until I stepped onto a shamanic path that spiritualitysexualityenergywisdom, and transformation all came together for me. I began to “read” people’s energy patterns and saw many energetic similarities between the Tibetan lamas, the Native American medicine people, and some sacred sexuality teachers/practitioners I knew closely.

To share with others what I was learning in my personal reintegration of spirituality and sexuality, I envisioned, edited, and published Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute, an anthology of nine women writing about their journey as a sacred sexuality practitioner. Next came my 90-minute documentary, The Sacred Prostitute, and now my 60-minute documentary, Path of the Sexual Shaman: Teachings on Energy, Orgasm, and Wisdom.

For those who wish to develop your own energetic abilities and grow profoundly, I provide these sessions and trainings:

1. A 1-to-1 training, or “empowerment,” on my approach to energy that emphasizes energetically merging with others to enable shamanic transformation. For those who wish to go very deeply into Energy and Transformation, additional courses are available, eventually resulting in the development of The Rainbow Body.

2. Also I give individual Clearing-Balancing sessions over the phone or Skype. These are to support your processing the challenges in living your life fully. The sessions are neither coaching nor psychotherapy, rather primarily meditative, energetic processing.

3. As a crystal whisperer I do a special ceremony over Skype or the phone with you and 1-3 of your crystals. This ceremony supports the development of your crystals’ energetic structures-functions-abilities as well as the “syncing up” between you and your crystals. This enables the crystal a). to function as a natural energizer you carry in your pocket, b). to be a meditation partner, and c). to function in a healing/transformation role for you and your clients.

4. In my Whispered Spaces Ceremony over the phone or Skype, I generate an energy sphere around your home, business, outside ceremonial/meditational area, or a place in nature (e.g., garden, apiary) — an energetic vortex sphere that provides a continuous, high vibrancy to support all living things within the sphere. Generally, the benefits are a). greater physical-emotional-mental-spiritual well-being, b). greater creativity, and c). greater physical health.

A traditional shaman is not what I consider myself. Nor do I lead traditional shamanic ceremonies, though I have participated in many. I consider myself an “energy dancer” that has developed energetic and transformative abilities.

Please explore my vision in this website. I hope it supports your evolution.

Feel free to contact me.

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

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