The Oneness Meditation

The following meditation is what I suggest as being the most energetically beneficial way of relating to your Crystal Whisperer™ Crystal, especially on a daily basis. Energetic benefits result from just having your Crystal Whisperer™ Crystal nearby while doing daily activities. A concentrated, meditative focus, however, results in even more benefits.

The Oneness Meditation

Focus your awareness on being energetically One with (merge with) your Crystal Whisperer Crystal
–     with your crystal within 3 feet (1m) of your body, perhaps in your palm, lap, or on a surface nearby
–     only once a day
–     about 5-10 mins.
–     at least 4 days a week, 7 days are much better

–     If you are doing this with another person, focus on being One with your partner and One with your crystal.

–     Eyes open or closed.
–     Sit or lie however you wish.

Please do NOT do this specific type of meditative focusing more than once a day and do not exceed the 10 minutes.  This might lead to over-energizing. If you start to feel too much intensity, discontinue doing this meditation perhaps for a few days.
However, you may have your Whispered Crystal with you during your awake time for as long as you feel comfortable with the energy. (Some people are fine with Whispered Crystals during sleep time also. If you have difficulty, place the crystal at least 6-10 feet [2-3m] away.)

•  •  •  •

• Feel free to allow others  to hold or meditate with your Crystal Whisperer Crystal. That will not affect your Crystal Whisperer Crystal negatively.