The Rainbow Body, Sexual Shaman
Kenneth Ray Stubbs


I have been offering my seminars and sessions for nearly 45 years now. This has been very gratifying. Until recently, I have always found a way to make this financially viable. However, being quadriplegic, these last few years have become a challenge with a great increase in my caregiving expenses, now $6,000-$7,000 a month. With this, I have to explore new models of creating finances. Otherwise, I will have to move to a state-provided, shared, caregiving facility dispensing typical medical and food services — and you probably already understand what I think and feel about these!
As you know, I have long offered via the Internet free meditation group circles and teach an in-depth training on ENERGY. I would like to continue like this but am now exploring a model used by many others of creating a pool of patron sponsors. These patron sponsors would agree to a monthly contribution that would enable me to continue to do this work and live the modest life I am living in my own home in Tucson with caregivers. I am asking for Patron amounts of at least $8 per month to $200 per month. Any Patron contributing at least $150 per month may also receive a free 45-60 minute balancing-clearing session monthly or a $100 discount on any of my 20 ENERGY Training courses while contributing. (NOTE: The meditation circles will remain free for everyone, regardless if Patron or not.)
Moreover, I have begun writing a new book, sort of a memoir. Any financial support while I am writing would be greatly appreciated.
This is not an easy “ask” for me, but I see no other options. So, I am asking you to consider becoming a Ray Patron and clicking the button below to sign up for a monthly contribution? (If you wish to make a single contribution, please contact me at
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