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Psychedelic Microdosing: Limiting or Liberating?

Episode 14

Guest: Caitlin Welby

Host: Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD

• Caitlin Welby is a Buddhist Chaplain, Transpersonal Consultant, and Embodiment Coach. In this podcast we explore the evolving ideas around psychedelic microdosing.

Errata: The magazine article “Seeking the Magic Mushroom” was by Robert Gordon Wasson and appeared in Life magazine, May 13, 1957.
Welcome to my podcast  The Sexual Shaman: Conversations on Sexuality and Spirituality. I am your host: Kenneth Ray Stubbs.

This podcast-videocast is a recorded conversation with Caitlin Welby, a Buddhist chaplin who is about to start a training in psychedelic-assistant therapy. I wanted to explore some of my ideas and her perspectives on the use of psychedelics in a microdosing context, a topic that has become increasingly popular in the last few years.

The sponsor of this podcast is my ENERGY Training, an in-depth program in developing our energetic infrastructure and our shamanic abilities to transform ourselves and others.

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