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Sex Shaman

Episode 15

Co-host, Editor:  Marc Peridis

Host: Kenneth Ray Stubbs, PhD

•  Marc Peridis is a somatic therapist and shamanic practitioner specialized in the Medicine of eros, healing practices related to eros and sexuality. He leads retreats and workshops around the world.
Welcome to my podcast  The Sexual Shaman: Conversations on Sexuality and Spirituality. I am your host: Kenneth Ray Stubbs.

This podcast-videocast is co-hosted and edited by Marc Peridis. He is preparing a workshop entitled “Sex Shaman, Sacred Prostitute.” Since in 2002 I was one of the first to use the term “sexual shaman” to explain the concept of the commonly used term “sacred prostitute,” Marc suggested we do a podcast exploring and elucidating these 2 concepts.

The sponsor of this podcast is my ENERGY Training, an in-depth program in developing our energetic infrastructure and our shamanic abilities to transform ourselves and others.

More information is available at https://therainbowbody.com/energy-trainings/  


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  Marc Peridis, website
  Marc Peridis workshop: SEX SHAMAN, SACRED PROSTITUTE. A week-end workshop for men — open to all male-identified bodies — Palm Springs, California, December 02-03, 2023:  Registration

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