Ancient Chinese Sexual Positions – Fine Art Cards


Sexual union in sensual exquisiteness — that is what the artist and I wanted to portray in image and in words. Based on ancient Chinese medical texts, this deck of fine art cards displays sexual expression with a Taoist touch of artistic beauty. They make excellent gifts. – 50 full-color 5″ x 7″ cards.

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Ancient Chinese Sexual Positions – Fine Art Cards

Examples of descriptions on the back of each card

SHIFTING-TURNING DRAGON With the woman lying on her back, the man kneels and lifts her feet, bringing her knees to her chest. Then with his right hand, he masterfully advances his Jade Stalk deeply through her Jade Gate.

SKY-SOARING BUTTERFLY The man is lying on his back with his legs straight. Facing him, the woman squats, straddling his pelvis. As desired, she warms his Ambassador and then guides it through her Jade Gate.

SEAGULL SOARS With the woman lying on the end of a high bed, the man stands facing her and elevates her legs to rest on his chest and shoulders. He thrusts his Jade Column deeply into her Cinnabar Hole.

MONKEY SPRINGS Lying on her back, the woman rests her thighs on the man’s arms or chest. He inserts his Jade Bamboo Shoot and presses her thighs to her chest or to her side.

TORTOISE MOUNTS Lying on her back, the woman bends her knees while the man pushes her feet. His Jade Stalk inserted, he pleasures her with both deep and shallow thrusts until her body shakes and lifts, and her emission fluid erupts.