Erotic Massage Streaming Video


Subtitle: Teachings on Energy, Orgasm, and Wisdom

What is shamanism? What is a sexual shaman? This documentary takes us deeper into our sexual nature and how it can be an integral part of stepping onto a shamanic path of transformation.

Note: Most people prefer to own the DVD disc (available here) for repeated home use.

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Originally a 60-minute instructional DVD on erotic massage for women and men, demonstrating the techniques in the Kama Sutra of Erotic Massage book, it’s now available as a streaming video.

The perspectives in the Path of the Sexual Shaman are an evolution of what I wrote and taught over three decades. Representing that evolution, this Sensual Lovers set of my earlier creations are practical techniques with a tantric undertone for lovers to enhance your sensual, sexual, and intimate connection. – KRS

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