Sexual Positions Set


The perspectives in the Path of the Sexual Shaman are an evolution of what I wrote and taught over three decades. Representing that evolution, this Sexual Positions set of my earlier creations are practical techniques with a tantric undertone for lovers to enhance your sensual, sexual, and intimate connection. – KRS
  • Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions book
  • Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions DVD
  • The Fine Art of Sexual Positions DVD
  • Ancient Chinese Sexual Positions Cards

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Sexual Positions Set

Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions book Over 100 all-color images of lovers in sexual embrace – the best from the – Kama Sutra – Ananga-Ranga – The Perfumed Garden – Ishimpo – Song of Songs – and other traditions and other times.

Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions DVD Instructional, sensual, artistic, and exotic. Inspired by ancient texts. Not one-dimensional porn. Not boring sex education. This DVD is very different

The Fine Art of Sexual Positions DVD 60 minutes of photography, video, illustrations, and paintings with sensual music demonstrating the art of making love in more ways than you can imagine. SECTIONS – Intimacy – Erotic Massage Positions – Oral Positions – Male on Top – Rear Entry – Aqua Erotica Positions – Female on Top – Standing – Fantasy and Mythology – Sitting and Kneeling – In the Mood.

Ancient Chinese Sexual Positions – Fine Art Cards In Chinese antiquity with exquisite detail and without any shame, the three “Women of Sexual Knowledge” enlightened the mythical Yellow Emperor in Taoist sexual secrets and the arts of lovemaking. The 50 cards here present the sexual positions they taught the Yellow Emperor. Exquisitely illustrated fine art. Makes an exceptionally beautiful, tasteful gift!

$77.80 value, save $30