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Medicine Bag with a Whispered Herkimer Diamond and a Whispered Ruby-Zoicite Crystal -- only 1 available


  • A beautiful gift.
  • Materials:  Herkimer diamond, ruby-zoicite crystal, white deerskin, beads
  • Ships worldwide from United States: within US – $6.80  / Canada – $23.95  /  elsewhere – $32.95. Can be combined with other crystals for same shipping charge via Priority Mail.
  • I have completed a Whispering Ceremony with each Whispered Herkimer Diamond and Whispered Ruby-Zoicite Crystal and are now vibrating at higher energetic frequency and intensity levels. — Kenneth Ray Stubbs

7 in stock

7 in stock


A Beautiful Gift.

This “medicine bag” is made by a local Hopi-Navajo traditional beadworker (Tucson, Arizona, USA). The leather is white deerskin, and the size is perfect for these Whispered Crystals as well as tumbled crystals and other “medicine objects.”

Coming from upstate New York, these Whispered Herkimer Diamonds are double terminated, naturally very clear, and have a very fine energy that is greatly enhanced by the Whispering Ceremony. They make a powerful but smooth energy for a medicine pouch worn around the neck.

The Whispered Ruby-Zoicite Crystal is tumbled and hand-polished from India. Its energy is soothing.

Silk pouches come with each Herkimer diamond and ruby-zoicite crystal.

This listing is for one Whispered Herkimer Diamond: approximately 1 in. / 25 mm in length. Plus one Whispered Ruby-Zoicite Crystal: approximately 1.2 in. / 30 mm in length. Plus one beaded pouch/necklace of white deerskin.

As a crystal whisperer, I have taken each Herkimer diamond and ruby-zoicite crystal through a shamanic Whispering Ceremony that supports the development of the crystals’ energetic abilities. This enables the crystals to be a highly energized, meditation partner to deepen your meditation.