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Seminar Registration: The PATH of TRANSFORMATION



New Seminar

Kenneth Ray Stubbs

based on my new book:
ENERGY:  Understanding Enlightenment, Orgasm, and the Rainbow Body

A Conceptual and Shamanic Meditation Seminar
for Anyone
via the Internet

In this course we will conceptually and energetically through shamanic meditation explore the Path of Energy/Transformation. It will make a difference!

October 5-8, 2021
Four 2-hour Sessions via Zoom
$45 US – includes a FREE PDF of the new book

When you register, we will email your Zoom invite and your copy of the PDF book


In my new book, Understanding Enlightenment, Orgasm, and the Rainbow Body, I suggest a paradigm shift in the way most of us for thousands of years have approached spirituality. Worshiping God ain’t gonna do it!

Drawing especially from both Western and Tantric sexuality, from traditional shamanism, and from Tibetan Buddhism, I have come to an understanding that emphasizing a Path of Energy/Transformation rather than a Path of Consciousness/Symbolism will enable us to go much deeper (higher) to being all of what we can be.


• Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.  (see About Me)

 LOCATION and DATES of training:
• Via Zoom on the Internet  – link (and PDF book) provided after registration
• October 5-8, 2021  – 2-hour sessions
• Times:  San Francisco 9-11 AM,   NY 12-2 PM,   London 5-7 PM,  Dubai 8-10 PM  – FIND TIMES HERE