Sensual Lovers Set


The perspectives in the Path of the Sexual Shaman are an evolution of what I wrote and taught over three decades. Representing that evolution, this Sensual Lovers set of my earlier creations are practical techniques with a tantric undertone for lovers to enhance your sensual, sexual, and intimate connection. – KRS

  • Kama Sutra of Erotic Massage book
  • Erotic Massage DVD
  • Erotic Passions book
  • Secret Sexual Positions book
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Sensual Lovers Set

Kama Sutra of Erotic Massage book All-color book that brings the sensual Kama Sutra mystique to an instructional manual for modern lovers. This guide presents step-by-step, illustrated massage strokes for both women and men, including the genitals. Shows passionate ways to give the Tantric art of touch.

Erotic Massage DVD 60-minute instructional DVD on erotic massage for women and men, demonstrating the techniques in the Kama Sutra of Erotic Massage book

Erotic Passions book All-color guide for women and men to orgasmic massage, sensual bathing, oral lovemaking, and ancient sexual positions. Beautifully illustrated.

Secret Sexual Positions book “This celebratory-and very explicit-treasury of 100 positions you absolutely, positively have not experienced (and if you have, you are getting out more than we are!).” Quality Paperback Book Club “Even if you think you have done it every way possible, I bet you will find some new ways to bend in here.” – Libido: The Journal of Sex and Sensibility

$75.80 value, save almost $36