The Sacred Prostitute/Magdalene Unveiled: 2-Streaming Videos Set


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A 2-DVD set featuring the 90-minute documentary THE SACRED PROSTITUTE, takes us into the world of the ancient and modern sacred sexuality teacher/healer/ceremonialist, a world where sexual energy is a catalyst rather than an obstacle in the spiritual quest — a world where “sexual” and “spiritual” are intrinsically the same. The second DVD, Magdalene Unveiled, provides many additional commentaries and revelations about the contemporary sacred prostitute.

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The Sacred Prostitute is the spiritual successor to Women of the Light

Known today sometimes by such names as “sacred intimate,” “tantrika,” “daka/dakini,” “sexual healer,” “sacred whore,” “tantra teacher,” or “sexual shaman,” women and men in contemporary versions of the sacred prostitute present their lives and their evolution into a role that would have been revered in many ancient and not-so-ancient cultures.

Presenters include

  • followers of Mary Magdalene
  • a Tibetan Buddhist lama
  • a rabbi
  • several Western Tantra and other sacred-sexuality teachers/practitioners
  • a Native American shaman
  • an African Nubian-Khamite priestess
  • a porn star
  • a sexworker rights activist
  • an Episcopal priest

This documentary expands on the concepts initiated in the book Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute.

This set includes the 2 streaming videos titled, The Sacred Prostitute, documentary & Magdalene Unveiled.

Watch videos for 20 days. $8.99