Whispered Energizer + Whispered Tumbled Crystals + Adjustable Hemp Bracelet-Necklace


  • I have completed a Whispering Ceremony with each Whispered “Energizer” and each set of 9 Whispered Tumbled Crystals, which are now vibrating at higher energetic frequency and intensity levels. — Kenneth Ray Stubbs
  • Materials:  Clear Quartz Crystal, Assorted Crystal, hemp fiber
  • Ships worldwide from United States: within US – $6.80  / Canada – $23.95  /  elsewhere – $32.95. Can be combined with other crystals for same shipping charge via Priority Mail.

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Now you can wear Whispered Crystals as energizing adornment throughout the day and evening in a stylish fashion on your wrist and around your neck. It’s all natural! Choose the color or energy of ten different Whispered Crystals you feel that day or choose a color to fit your clothing. The natural color of the hemp fiber blends in with almost any garment from casual to colorful plumage.

The hand-woven, natural-color hemp bracelet and necklace (imported from Australia) are adjustable for various sizes of wrists and crystals, which are Whispered Tumbled Crystals including jasper, banded amethyst, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, sodalite, and more.

I named the clear quartz crystal shaped like a Shiva Lingam (of India) the “Whispered Energizer” because so many people on the testers team kept saying this Whispered crystal kicked quite a punch (like a double espresso) and is small enough to carry around in your pocket, purse, or the included stylish, natural hemp bracelet for a chi energizing effect all day.

This listing is for one Whispered “Energizer” approximately 1 in. / 25 mm in length. Plus 9 assorted Whispered Tumbled Crystals approximately 1 in. / 25 mm in length.   Plus one hemp bracelet and one hemp necklace (both are adjustable).

As a crystal whisperer, I have taken each clear quartz “energizer” and tumbled crystal (9 in each set) through a shamanic Whispering Ceremony that supports the development of the crystals’ energetic abilities. This enables the crystals to be a highly energized, meditation partner to deepen your meditation.