Whispered Meditation Mala / Necklace / Bracelet


  • I have completed a Whispering Ceremony with each crystal Whispered Meditation Mala / Necklace / Bracelet, which is now vibrating at higher energetic frequency and intensity levels. — Kenneth Ray Stubbs
  • Materials:  Earth-made crystals: Lapis Lazuli or Moonstone ; and hand-knotted cotton string
  • Shape:  108 small crystal spheres on a string
  • Ships worldwide from United States:  within US – $8.95  / Canada – $29.60  /  elsewhere – $42.00.


Whispered Meditation Mala / Necklace / Bracelet

As a crystal whisperer, I have taken each mala with 108 crystal beads through a special shamanic Whispering Ceremony that supports the development of the crystals’ energetic abilities. This enables the crystal mala to be a highly energized, meditation partner to deepen your meditation or ceremony.

Traditionally, malas have been known as prayer beads or meditation beads. These crystal malas can also be worn as a beautiful, natural necklace or bracelet.

A silk pouch comes with your mala.

This listing is for one Whispered Mala: approximately 30 in. / 7.5cm in length. These crystal malas are made of Earth-made crystals, with a hand-knotted, cotton string. The individual beads are approximately 1/4 in. / 6mm in diameter.

Available types of Whispered Malas:
Lapis Lazuli