The  Rainbow Body Energetic Structure

(An illustration of the actual structure of the energetic structure of a fully developed Rainbow Body.)

(An illustration of the actual structure of the energetic structure of a fully developed Rainbow Body.)

The first description I heard about the Rainbow Body was in reference to Tibetan lamas’ corpses shrinking while rainbows accompanied in the sky. Nothing in the description I heard was about alive Tibetan lamas. So I began observing the non-physical energetic patterns in and around the shrinking deceased lamas in photos. Then I began to recall my experiences with alive Tibetan lamas and looked at videos and photos of alive lamas to see if I could perceive similar energetic patterns with the shrinking lama corpses and the alive lamas.

What unfolded is variations on the illustration above: two-to-nine whirling vortices. One vortex is a whirling sphere; along the midline is a whirling vortex tube with flaring ends; and some humans have three-to-seven whirling donut-shaped, toroidial vortices.

If we were to place the human organism in this illustration, it would appear in the whirling vortex sphere as da Vinci’s spread-armed human form.

One function of these vortices is to access the primordial, differentiated essence of existence, which I call “source” or “a priori.” This “essence” is also referred to as the “Void” as well as the ”nothing from which everything cometh.”

The second function of these vortices is from this accessed “essence” to generate Energy for our 20 non-physical Energetic Structures and their functions. Their two primary functions are:
1. to Transform the suppressed energetic patterns of our limiting behaviors and emotions;
2. to be greater Creativity.

The illustration and list below indicate the purpose of each of the vortices. This information is primarily for participants in the ENERGY Training where I explain the related concepts.

  1. The Sphere Vortex.  Generates Fifth Plane Source Energy for our Being’s other four types of Energy.
  2. The Source Vortex.  Generates Energy for our Being’s twenty Energetic Structures-Energetic Abilities.
  3. The Microbiome Vortex. Generates Energy for our microbiota.
  4. The Energetic Patterns Vortex.  Generates Energy for our Energetic interactions with the Beings and Physical Forms exterior to our Energy field and interacting with our Energetic Patterns.
  5. The Oneness Vortex.  Generates Energy for all of the duplicated Energetic Patterns of all Beings and Physical Forms with which we are in Oneness.
  6. The Organism Vortices.  Generates Energy for our Organism’s system of atoms, molecules, and cells.