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Sexual Shaman

This Sexual Shaman Portal began when at the end of an Internet solstice meditation circle I was leading I asked if anyone knew about podcasting. I wanted to turn my 30-year old book, an anthology titled Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute, into an audiobook but in a podcast format so I could add updates and commentaries.

Several of the six people who stayed on after the meditation to share their thoughts indicated they would like to see interviews with the women as they are today. I said that would not be possible — many of them are now deceased. So why not interview women and add men who are currently in a similar “sexual shaman” role as were the women in the book?

The suggestions kept coming in, and what unfolded is what you see here in this Sexual Shaman Portal.

1. A podcast-videocast — The Sexual Shaman: Conversations on Sexuality and Spirituality. Interviews with sexual energy practitioners and contemporary shamanic practitioners.

In this podcast-videocast series, we focus on going past our sexuality-vs-spiritualism dualism. I anticipate the conversations will present some challenging ideas for many listening/viewing, including sexual energy practitioners and contemporary shamanic practitioners.

Free and downloadable for listening on the go.

2. Shamanic Transformation Meditation Circles, Free on the Internet. Weekly 30-minute, live group meditation on the Internet, focusing on balancing and clearing Intrinsic Energy flows within ourselves. Everyone welcome. No experience necessary. (Free.)

3. Videos of my past lectures and commentaries on sexuality, shamanism, Tibetan Buddhism, and spirituality. Some perspectives to consider. (Free.)

4. Streaming Documentaries and instructional videos — can now be streamed. All produced by me.
• The Sacred Prostitute • PLUS • On Mary Magdalene and Extended Outtakes from The Sacred Prostitute Documentary (a 2-documentary set)
* Path of the Sexual Shaman
• Erotic Massage
(step-by-step male-female massage instruction)
• femme-à-femme Erotic Massage (step-by-step female-female massage instruction)
• Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions (part documentary, part instruction)

5. Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute — book. The audiobook will be available in 2023. The printed book is available now.

6. The Shaman Cards. Twenty meditation cards focusing on developing  shamanic abilities with our energetic patterns.

7. The ENERGY Training. An in-depth, three-course training to develop energetic abilities that traditional shamans use to facilitate transformation in others. Generating Intrinsic Energy is the focus, and no indigenous, traditional ceremonies are used.

I invite you to dance with the ideas and energies in this Sexual Shaman Portal.

Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Path of the Sexual Shaman documentary

Path of the Sexual Shaman documentary:
Clip 2 • Raw footage about crystals, dolphins, energy, orgasm, and shamanism.