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Shamanic Transformation Meditation

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To generate more Energy (lots of it!) and to transform and balance our energetic flows


Also, perhaps watch the video commentary at the bottom of this page:
What is a Shaman?


Power spot - Double Spire: Spider Rock, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona


Australia times: Mondays

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November 2022 – February 2023  TIMES

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to Shamanic Transformation Meditation

Generally, in our Shamanic Transformation Meditation circles, each participant focuses within — feeling and sensing into the humming, the vibration, the intensity within our Energy field and our physical body.
If possible, I recommend focusing your awareness from the abdominal area just below the navel area and toward the front of the abdomen. Here is where we can center and anchor ourselves, the depth of our Being, in a deeper, more profound way, though initially exploring this approach may seem unusual or awkward. If this approach does not unfold easily, focus in any way that is comfortable for you.
Below I give an explanation of how I as the meditation facilitator am focusing, which supports participants’ energy clearing and balancing, supports decreasing the Energetic suppression of Energy flows.
When our Energies become more balanced, we are likely to experience our creativity and feel more relaxed and emotionally centered.
I think that most people do not really Understand how an Energetically Developed shaman actually does Energetic Transformation/healing. I say this because rarely do I find contemporary shamanic practitioners who have developed these same types of Energetic Transformation/healing Abilities. And not until a person can facilitate Energetic Transformation/healing as described in the following paragraphs would I call them a shaman — this is a very important distinction.
First, the shaman needs to go into a Oneness space with the recipient. This is accomplished by the shaman applying his/her Energetic Abilities to perceive the recipient’s positive as well as negative Energetic Patterns. Then the shaman actually duplicates the recipient’s positive and negative Energetic Patterns in one of the shaman’s own Energetic Structures designed to maintain the duplication separate from the shaman’s own personal Energetic Patterns. So now the shaman is functioning with the same Energetic Patterns as the recipient — now the two people have a commonality in Oneness. (Note: This is not the same idea as an “empath,” a person who actually takes on the negative Energetic Patterns of the “ill” person as if the negative Energetic Patterns were actually the empath’s own Energetic Patterns — for example, having the same headache as the “ill” person.)
Once this Oneness is established, serving as a mutual foundation, three general Energetic conditions of the shaman’s are available for the recipient.
1. All the shaman’s Energetic Abilities (“Energetic Tools”).
2. All of the shaman’s Vibratory Knowingness of how and when (“Energetic Know-How”) to apply those Energetic Abilities.
3. All of the shaman’s Energetic Intensity (“Energy”) is available for the recipient’s applying of the shaman’s Energetic Abilities for self-Transformation/self-healing.
This is a crucial concept: The recipient Transforms/heals him/herself. The shaman is not doing the actual Transformation/healing — temporarily the shaman provides the Energetic tools, the Transformation/healing know-how, and the “juice” to power the tools for the recipient’s Being to Transform/heal him/herself. Basically, the extent of the Transformation/healing is dependent upon the extent of Energetic Development of this shaman and the severity of the recipient’s condition.
This is an extremely important concept: A shaman does not deplete his/her own Energy by “giving away” any of his/her own Energy to another. Rather, an actual shaman is Energetically Developed in ways to provide Energetic Abilities for the recipient to access and Generate Energy from more intrinsic sources within the recipient him/herself directly. (Note that I am referring to the Energy of the Being and not the carbohydrate type of energy the physical Organism uses.)

WHAT IS A SHAMAN?  – video commentary

“Techniques of ecstasy” is how Mircea Eliade defined “shamanism” in his book entitled Shamanism, first published in English in 1964 (in French in 1951).

I found such a definition to be really inaccurate and inadequate relative to my experience with Native American medicinepeople (shamans). The video commentary below presents my definition/characterization of a “shaman.” Focusing on the “unseen” energetic abilities of a shaman, I downplay the external behavior, especially as it is expressed in ceremonies.

In this commentary I suggest Carlos Castaneda was not a shaman though a good fictional writer. I also examine the popular form of contemporary shamanism known as journeying.