The Rainbow Body, Sexual Shaman
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A home or business clearing of disembodied, Earth-bound spirits.

The key word is “compassionate” — to gently support the spirit (sometimes referred to as a “ghost”) to complete this incarnation and move on to its next evolution.

From my perspective, disembodied spirits deserve love and compassion. (This is not “ghost busting.”) Whether they be quiet or they be fiery/angry/scary, they all can be supported in “moving on.” “Holding on” to the Earth plane is not the best for them. “Moving on” is much better for them and us.

I have discovered I have abilities in assisting their “moving on.” By assisting the disembodied spirit in gently clearing its “stuck” energy patterns, the spirit can “let go” of its “Earth-boundness” so it can move on to its next evolution.

Includes a free 15-minute consultation to determine the situation at your location.

If you choose to continue with the Compassionate Clearing Ceremony – anywhere in the world via an Internet connection – generally these are the steps.
1. For you or the affected person, a personal “Clearing and Balancing” session.
2. A Compassionate Clearing Ceremony for your location and the related spirits.
3. A follow-up communication in a few days to discuss the outcome.

With KENNETH RAY STUBBS, PH.D.  (see About Me)

•     Free 15-minute consultation.
• The personal Clearing-Balancing Session, plus the Compassionate Clearing Ceremony, plus the follow-up:  $160
•   Fee payment can be via PayPal, Venmo, TransferWise, credit card, or check.

• To arrange: Skype Kenneth Ray Stubbs at TheRainbowBody,  or Facebook Messenger: Kenneth Ray Stubbs,
or phone 520-743-8100 x102 in Tucson, Arizona, USA (Mountain Standard Time), or email.