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Earthy Herbal Tea


A grounding, highly nutritious, loose-leaf blend of leaves, seeds, and roots. This non-caffeinated tea nourishes our physical body — and especially our microbiome. Supplements my ENERGY Training.

• Nutrition for meditators, healers, shamans, spiritual seekers

• Nutrition for developing the energetic structures/abilities I discuss in my book ENERGY: Understanding Enlightenment, Orgasm, and the Rainbow Body (soon to be published)

• The two main responses from tasters:  Grounding  and Enlivening (a sort of a mellow energizer)

• Definitely no caffeinated effects and fine before bedtime

• Primary Benefit: Provides for our microbiota the high volume of the specific types of amino acids and minerals not available in almost all contemporary diets, even healthy diets. To have extensive energetic development, our physical organism must be able to handle greater energetic intensity. A very healthy microbiota is the main way to accomplish this.

NOTE: I have no scientific, laboratory research supporting these ideas — just an ability to “read” energetic patterns that led me to the energetic observation of the benefits for myself and many others (see “Discovery” below). I think of this tea blend as a food, not as a medicine. And it tastes good, too. Earthy!

Contains:  red rooibos, sarsaparilla root, sassafras bark, ginger root, orange peel, birch bark, burdock root, dandelion root, licorice root, fennel seed, anise star, cinnamon chips, juniper berries, and natural flavoring.(Produced in a facility that handles tree nuts.)

– 1-2 tsp / 8 oz cup
– steep 4 minutes (longer for stronger flavor)
– 1x/day (maybe sometime after breakfast and before bedtime)
– 5-7 days/week

This Rainbow Body Earthy Herbal Tea blend came about serendipitously. I teach an in-depth training in energy and am always looking for ways to have more energy and be healthier. One of the healthiest foods I have found is kombucha. For me, the most nutritious one with the best taste is a root-beer-tasting kombucha.

The Rainbow Body Earthy Herbal Tea is the result of one of my caregiver’s trying the root-beer-tasting kombucha and it not sitting easily in his digestive process (he has been affected by lyme disease) … but he loved the root beer taste. This led to finding online an herbal tea blend with the root beer taste. When I ordered it, for fun I read the energetic patterns of the blend and was surprised to find the tea would be quite beneficial for me. After a few weeks of exploring, I realized by adding a few more herbs, the tea is extremely beneficial for the microbiome for most people. I have never heard this, but I came to realize that a highly nourished microbiome is essential for our energetic development — this results in our physical organism being able to process a much higher level of energetic intensity.

So if you are involved in a meditation practice or a spiritual path emphasizing energetic development (for example, tai chi, Buddhist mindfulness meditation, energy healing, Reiki, breathwork, or Western Tantra), I strongly encourage you to add this Rainbow Body Earthy Herbal Tea blend to your daily diet.


• 4 oz/  .11 kg:  $17.98  + s/h (varies to different countries)
• 1 lb/ .45 kg:  $44.98  + s/h (varies to different countries)
          •  Ships worldwide from United States for up to 2 lb.:  within US – $9.00  / Canada – $27.00  /  elsewhere – $38.00. For over 2 lb, contact us.


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