The Rainbow Body, Sexual Shaman

Shaman Cards

Ceremonies for Energy and Wisdom

(formerly The Wisdom Ceremony Cards)

How to Use the Cards


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The Energetic Nature of The Shaman Cards


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A shaman is a person who has the ability
to function through other dimensions of existence
intrinsic to our physical, incarnated dimension.

If we want to function through these dimensions,
we must first access them and the wisdom of their nature.

Focusing our intent in the Energy-Wisdom Ceremony with these cards
enables us to do this,
thus increasing our abilities to transform and heal.

• 20 full-color 8.5 x 11″ Cards •

Each of the 20 cards consists of an exterior circle with a representation of each of the 4 “worlds”: a plant, an animal, a crystal, and a human. The humans depicted vary by age, gender, genetic pool, and condition. In the center of each card is an abstract concept, which also serves as the name of the card. The background painting is there for natural beauty.

The Cards
1. Clarity   2. Ceremony   3. Life   4. Spiritual Growth
5. Wisdom   6. Light   7. Mastery   8. Connection
9. Tradition   10. Strength   11. Perseverance   12. Enlightenment
13. Transformation   14. Abundance   15. Beauty   16. Ancient
17. Sustenance   18. Passion   19. Completion   20. Dream



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How the Cards Are Being Used

1. The text with the cards and the top video clip above describe a suggested, specific way to use them in a ceremony called the Energy-Wisdom Ceremony.

2. Many folks are using them as oracle cards like the tarot. While this is fine, The Shaman Ceremony cards are more likely to benefit you more when used as suggested in the Energy-Wisdom Ceremony.

3. One person, while she was feeling blah with low energy, just happened to be sitting down with a deck leaning on her abdomen. After about 15 minutes, she noticed her mood and energy level had increased noticeably. Here is what you might try. Lean a full deck on your abdomen for 10 to a maximum of 30 minutes. (Wait at least 2 hours till you repeat this if you want to do again.) If at any time you start to feel too speedy or the energy is too intense, discontinue.

4. Use the full deck around a room:
A. Display facing outward all 20 cards individually around a room (office, living room, maybe in the room where you sleep unless they keep you awake) to have a subtle energetic effect of balancing the intensities of your energies.
B. If the cards are in a waiting room, where you give sessions or classes, displaying also the front card outward would give other viewers a sense of the cards’ context.
C. But do not display the back of the backcover card. Somehow that seems to limit the energy.
D. You could photocopy the text (explanations) inside of the front and back covers and display those as well.
E. The cards could be on 1, 2, 3, or 4 walls and in any order or design. Just all in 1 room.
• For a simple way to try this out initially, you could set each card on the floor and lean them against the wall.
• If the energy become too intense for you or others, put the cards back in a single pile.

5. Several people have reported having dreamtime orgasms with the cards displayed around their bedroom at night or around a workroom during the day.

6. Incorporate the cards in a class starting with an Energy-Wisdom Ceremony or some other way you intuit. One art expression class had the students do an Energy-Wisdom Ceremony before painting with the nondominant hand.

7. Very strong suggestion: Do not sleep with any of the cards within arms length of your physical body. The intensity is likely to keep you awake.




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