-Marc Peridis

Whispered Spaces: Home - New Jersey, USA
Whispered Home:  New Jersey, USA


Whispered Retreat Center: Lolia Place Ecovillage – Hawaii, USA   (link #1, end of page)


Whispered Labyrinth – Dubai   (at a private residence of a medium)

A Whispered Spaces Ceremony literally transforms “your space” from an everyday-living energetic context into a “temple vibration,” which enhances higher consciousness and greater energy.

“Your space” refers to the surrounding land area and a room, house, apartment, or a business of any kind such as an office, a gallery, a concert hall, a restaurant, a yoga studio, and more.

A Whispered Spaces Ceremony can also energetically transform a “space” in nature to support greater vibrancy for the plants, animals, and humans living on that land. Such land could be used  for example as a garden, ceremonial grounds, a bee apiary, or a meditation area.

1.  supports greater creativity (insights, problem-solving)
2.  supports greater physical-emotional-mental-spirituality well-being (for example, greater chakra vibrancy)
3.  supports greater physical wellness (greater physical healing)

Meditation Seat directly under Whispered Spaces crystal Whispered Spaces Home - New Jersey, USA - B

Left: Meditation Cushion underneath Whispered Crystal – Whispered Spaces Home in New Jersey, USA
(the crystal is very faintly visible near the top of the half dome)


Right: Another view inside same Whispered Spaces home

Whispered Condo Complex: 17 buildings, 215 condos – California

Whispered Café: Namaste, Tulum, Mexico     (link #2, end of page)

Whispered Landmass: including Gavdos Island and Crete (of Greece), plus the Mediterranean Sea and underwater land between these islands.   – View here from Gavdos.



Anywhere in the world via Skype or the phone, the Whispered Spaces Ceremony begins with the current form of your building and with the Earth energetic patterns below. (No preparation necessary.) Or this could be a space in nature.

At an arranged time, I go into a deep meditation, and the energetic Ceremony unfolds in an hour or less, increasing and balancing the space’s vibrancy. The “owner” does not need to be at the location during the ceremony.

You will receive a certain type of Whispered Crystal to place in the Whispered Space. This Whispered Crystal enables me to apply any future enhancements in all Whispered Spaces. These “updates” are gratis.

After the Whispered Crystal is in place, there will be a follow-up session to confirm the placement and discuss living/working in the Whispered Space.

Other Approaches

Sacré-Coeur Cathedral
Sacré-Coeur Cathedral, Paris

Sacred geometry refers to designing and building a structure in a way that enhances consciousness and energy, generally in a spiritual way. Traditionally, sacred geometry has been used for cathedrals (such as the Sacré-Coeur in Paris), temples, mosques, and pyramids around the world. Whispered Spaces, in contrast, starts with already existing buildings such as our homes, businesses, and religious structures and energetically intensifies the vibrational patterns within, in a sense creating a “sacred space.”

Also, Whispered Spaces is not a form of feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy about creating harmony between humans and the surrounding environment. Feng shui practitioners follow certain established principles about the spatial relationship of these physical objects, buildings, and the Earth to bring about the harmony. With Whispered Spaces, there is no rearrangement of physical objects or structures other than placing a certain type of crystal within the space.

Whispered Home: Woodstock, New York, USA

Whispered Spaces: Interior Design Gallery, London, UK - Front
Whispered Spaces: Interior Design Gallery, London, UK – Front    (link #3, end of page)

Whispered AirBnB: Sedona, Arizona, USA (link #4, end of page)

Whispered Home: Woodstock, New York, USA

Whispered Spaces: Interior Design Gallery, London, UK - Inside
Whispered Spaces: Interior Design Gallery, London, UK – Inside

Whispered Spa: Sydney Ka Huna, Australia (link #5, end of page)

Benefits Reported

Some of the benefits people living and working in Whispered Spaces have shared with me:

  • Anxious animals become calmer
  • Often the communication between couples and house members or staff becomes smoother and arguments less intense
  • In one location the wi-fi become available like in the rest of the house and in another location the wi-fi improved
  • Easier, deeper meditations
  • Exploring outside of personally limiting, status quo “comfort zones”
  • One unsuccessful business turned itself around while another realized it really was time to move on to a more fruitful pursuit
  • Increased energy and inspiration
  • Greater problem-solving abilities and reflexes
  • Stopped excessive drinking pattern
  • Increased motivational patterns towards work
  • Stronger feelings of intimacy and enhanced sensual-sexual expression
  • Often a sense of bliss
  • Rearrangement and straightening up of one’s living space
  • Less sleep needed

Whispered Retreat Center and AirBnB:  Casa Laberinto – Andalucía, Spain   (link #6, end of page)(based in a 15th century structure)

Interview with Marc Peridis, interior designer, Barcelona and London – about the benefits of having his home and interior design gallery Whispered


  • a business location: $500 — unless the space is large
  • a home or home business:  $400
  • a home for person who already has a Whispered Crystal: $340 (includes a specific type of Whispered Crystal)
  • a home for a graduate of my Shamanic Transformation training: $280 (includes a specific type of Whispered Crystal)
  • postage to send the Whispered Crystal is additional: $6.80 within the US; about $33.00 outside the US.

Interview with Rev. Goddess Charmaine, sexpert – “Outrageous Sex in a Whispered Spaces Home”

Technical Summary

A Whispered Space is a catalyst for Beings – especially humans, plants, animals, crystals, and spirit teachers – to vibrate at a higher consciousness frequency and to function with a greater energetic intensity.

The Whispered Spaces Ceremony generates a whirling vortex sphere that encompasses the land, the structures on the land, and the physical objects in the structures. From the most intrinsic (primordial) sources of energy and consciousness within this sphere, this whirling vortex generates a continuous, very high consciousness frequency and energetic intensity for Beings and their bodies within the vortex to access.

Contact me

If you wish more information or want to set an appointment, please contact me via Skype (SexualShaman), phone in the US (520-743-8100 x102), or email.

Whispered Spaces Desert Home, Arizona, USA
Whispered Desert Home:  Arizona, USA


Whispered Apartment:  Barcelona, Spain

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  1. Lolia Place Ecovillage – Hawaii, USA:
  2. Namaste Café – Tulum, Mexico:
  3. 19 Greek Street Gallery – London, UK:
  4. Sedona AirBnB – Sedona, Arizona, USA
  5. Spa: Sydney Ka Huna – Sydney, Australia:
  6. Casa Laberinto Retreat Center and AirBnB – Andalucía, Spain: