All Whispered Crystals have been with me in a Whispering Ceremony, the name I give to  the energetic “dance” — the shamanic empowerment process — I do with Crystal Beings.

Crystals, like plants, animals, and humans, are an embodiment of energetic Beings with physical, dense-matter structures. Consciousness is a quality intrinsic to these four types of Beings. While many of us might not think of crystals as more than a dense-matter arrangement of atoms, the premise of  a “Crystal Being” is at the core of my Whispering Ceremony.

Stated simply, in my Whispering Ceremony I focus on my Being vibrating in the same energetic patterns as the Being embodied with the physical, crystalline matter. This leads us to a Oneness merging: Whatever energetic tools and resources I have — energetic abilities (“tool kit”), vibratory knowingness (“Knowledge”), and energetic intensity (“energy”) — become available to the Crystal Being during the ceremony. Similarly, whatever that Being has becomes available to my Being during the ceremony.

In the Whispering Ceremony, both the Crystal Being and my Being fuse our energetic patterns to develop ourselves to be more of what is inherently in our nature. This is a similar principle to what happens in a master-student or shaman-apprentice relationship. The only difference is that the Whispering Ceremony is between a Human Being and a Crystal Being.

An analogy: Before the Oneness I have a hammer; the Crystal being has a saw. Now in Oneness we each have a hammer and a saw — our own individual hammers and saws with which to build our own, individual houses.

In this analogy the “house” is the energetic structures-functions-abilities inherent in each type of Being. The type of Being that embodies with a human body and the type of Being that embodies with a physical, crystalline structure have many similar energetic structures but also differ extensively. For me a shaman is one who has developed the abilities to vibrate as him/herself in a grounded way while also vibrating in the same energetic patterns inherent in the nature of another type of Being. Rather than “energetic shape shifting,” I consider this as “energetic shape expanding.” Two beings function energetically in certain ways as one Being.

In my Whispering Ceremony, I do nothing to the Crystal Being. Absolutely I do NOT program it. Instead, the Crystal Being applies the additional, combined energetic tools and resources to itself so it is able to function at higher frequency and intensity levels than before the ceremony. This is an essential understanding: The Crystal Being transforms and develops itself.

Then when you meditate or do ceremony with the Whispered Crystal (as with the suggested Oneness Meditation), your Being begins to function at the amplified energetic levels similar to the Crystal Being’s. The “shaman in a crystal” becomes your “ally” in transforming and healing yourself. The same occurs if you use the Whispered Crystal in healing sessions with others.

You can just carry or wear your Whispered Crystal. However, the most transformative/healing impact is more likely to result when you meditate or do ceremony with your Whispered Crystal on a frequent basis.

• • • Whispering Your Crystals • • •

If you have crystals of your own you would like to be Whispered, we can do that over Zoom, Skype, or the phone.  We can do this with 1 to 3 crystals, though these have to be of a crystalline structure that is not lab grown or altered or not a type of “crystal” that has an atomic arrangement that is not capable of being embodied by a Crystal Being, such as jade, turquoise, obsidian, opal, agate, hematite, pyrite, and marble. Before we begin a Whispering Ceremony, I tune into your crystal to see if it is suitable for Whispering.

Session: about 30-45 minutes. Fee: $80. Contact me.